A new chapter. A new business. A new goal.

I finally did it.

After years of thinking about it, reading about it, dreaming about it and talking about it, I eventually resigned from my job and decided to start a business.

This blog will be a record of the new chapter in my life.

My last day in my full time role was Tuesday 29th September 2014.  Today I realised what I have done.  At 10:00am I found myself at Google Campus on Bonhill St in central London being introduced to the team, the people who take desks there and what they do.

What I now do.

Google Campus is run by TechHub, a shared workspace specialist who aim to bring people together to swap ideas, mentor, inspire and help one another.  It’s a good idea and a good space.  Everybody there is starting a business.  They have circa 400 people.  It’s intimidating.  Everyone has ideas, app’s websites, progress and are generally at least 10 years younger than me (so it seems).

After years of growing a team, flying around the world, getting taken out to lunches, preparing for  board meetings, being satisfied with progress and generally enjoying being part of a multinational organisation I find myself on my own with my laptop, an idea and I like to think, passion.

Everything else has gone, everything.  There are no perks any more.  No salary, no bonus, no phone and certainly no lunches, the list of whats gone is long.  I know I was in an incredibly lucky position to have all these things and I resigned, given them all up voluntarily and so in no position to complain.  I suppose i only now realise how fortunate I was.

I don’t really mind that the perks have gone (although I will miss the lunches).  I am scared about the salary disappearing.  I am anxious that I am now in charge, at the top of the tree.  There is no where to hide any more, everything eventually comes back to me.   ‘No one is born a CEO’ coined Ben Horowtiz recently in his excellent book ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’.  Everyone has to learn on the job.

I think I have some time though, I can’t call myself a CEO, at least not yet.  Seems ridiculous if there is only me as part of the new business.

Having said all of the above, I do have confidence.  The idea is good, really good I think, my experience is good and my backers are excellent.  This is going to work.

So I find myself looking for some stability.  I have business plan, I have mock ups of what I am building, I have a backer.

In order to track my progress I’ve given myself some goals, personal and professional.  To me, this is the best solution as it solidifies focus.  I can’t miss the goals.  After I hit them, I’ll set more.  Stability sorted. 

If you’re reading this you might wonder what the goals are.  I am not going to disclose them all yet, in time, I will give updates on progress against them.

However, there is one main goal at the moment: Get The Business Live.

It’s a pretty straightforward goal.  Back to my shared workspace to work on it.


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