Google Campus: Day 1


Friday 8th August 2014 represents my first day at Google Campus London (Bonhill St).

I applied some time ago, thankfully my application was accepted and I had my induction Tuesday earlier this week.

Of course I’d read up on what goes on, it’s expectations, the fact it’s managed by TechHub etc.. but still, you never know what to expect. 

It’s not quite ‘first day at school’ but it’s not far off.  Again, this is a new experience for me now one week outside the relative safety of corporate world.

I’m on a flexible membership meaning I can use the space up to 20 hours per week.  It’s a hot desk set up, a kitchen is available with coffee, tea, toast etc..the desks are in sets of 4 so rock up, pick a seat and off you go.

It’s better than I thought it might be.  I was skeptical.  I thought it would all be ping pong balls and show boating about seeing Elon Musk 200 yards away or whatever.

It’s not like that.  Its much, much better and for a number of reasons:

1.  It’s welcoming but not overly friendly.  People don’t just come up to you and start talking.

2.  It has a genuine work ethic.  People are here to get things done.

3.  It’s collaborative.  People want to help, share ideas (when you’re actually talking).

4.  I found a great sandwich shop around the corner.

So far so good.  Of course, I’ll see what the next few weeks bring but hopefully I’ll get some things done here.  I have to get things done.

I think everyone is at least 10 years younger than me.  Downside or Upside?  I am not sure.  If I want to fit in it looks as though I’ll need to grow some type of beard.  That will take years in my case unless I want to sport a ‘Hitler-tache’.

I’ll leave it for now and keep my head down.


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