The List.

Starting a business is hard. It’s hard for a lot of reasons but one of the largest challenges is knowing what to work on and when. The list of things to do is long and growing. Plus it has huge range, it includes things like:

  1. Reforecast the 3 year financial plan
  2. Start to look for office space
  3. Write brand guidelines
  4. Devise PR strategy
  5. Design first draft mock ups / reports / by device
  6. Work with CTO on technical architecture
  7. Prepare speech to A level students on being in and starting a business
  8. Source content for website
  9. Prepare for various partner meetings

This list is obviously not finite. None of these items are finite. Even if they are completed they will be revisited and started again. It’s a constant flow of wide ranging topics. For one who has no employees and little cash there is little choice but to touch upon all subjects.

I am no expert on brand, until relatively recently I didn’t understand brand value (for what its’ worth, t’s now everything to me) but now I am looking at understanding what my companies brand is, what I want it to be and the following on from there. This is important as the Brand touches everything I do.

Is this more important than the financial plan, which is used for all sorts of things and by many people (not least the bank)? How long does it take to find an office? What is a fair price?

I’m not the first person and nor will I be the last to look at the ever growing list with some degree of despair.

Yet with the despair comes excitement. I think it’s a good thing a founder touches everything. A business is defined by its early actions, its personality and culture begin to be formed into an entity. I want to learn about all of these subjects and aspects of business which I have skimmed over before.

I still think I’ve done the right thing. I’m keeping this record and a private diary to capture the journey. Either way, boom or bust, it should be a decent account of what its like to start something unaware of the consequences and not really aware of what’s really involved, until you’re doing it.

It’s also dawned on me I am earning no salary. I tended not to think about that until yesterday when at a cash machine. I now avoid cash machines.


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