Cats and Bags.

So the cat is out of the bag, I am founding Well, trying to found.

I’m not yet giving away exactly what the model is but I hope to launch later this year all being well. There is much to do of course across all sorts of disciplines not least technically but also marketing plans, ongoing business plan refinement, commercial agreements, team management, a lot of travelling.

I still think one of the most difficult tasks is managing oneself outside of a corporate environment, discipline is required. I made a conscious decision to acquire a desk at Google Campus partly to give me a routine when working in London. Luckily enough being based there a couple of days a week or so gives access to like minded people many of whom are facing the same problems.

It’s fascinating to slowly uncover the ecosystem of small businesses and start ups within London. There is an entire community active in the promotion of start ups, introductions, mentoring, presentations by those seasoned in start up world, support and much more. Almost all people are open and helpful.

The other big difficult task is extrapolating ones existing skill set across multiple disciplines. I know nada about marketing, but I am learning and trying to learn quickly. I knew nothing about ‘growth hacking’ until recently (it’s basically a term for gaining traction quickly using a whole host of channels and techniques). I am only scratching the surface of course and do not claim any expertise whatsoever, I really need to employ people but then like all other people starting business, I don’t have much cash. As a result I have to do it myself.

Luckily for me, I am enjoying learning, mainly by making mistakes, and seeing results and progression. I suspect this will be the headline for my life over the next few years, it goes something like: Do something, it’s a mistake, don’t do it again. Life by trial and error. Hopefully I’ll get some thing right first time.

I’ve read a lot of books about business now , all really to satisfy and interest abut also with preparation in mind for this chapter. I’ll post the bibliography for anyone who is interested.

For anyone who looks at the site it’s just a holding page at the moment and will remain that way until I am ready to let the site loose on the world. I’ll keep you posted.


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