An economic hypothesis

Towards the end of last year I began thinking about starting my own business.  I wrote and rewrote the business plan many, many times as I tried to solidify my concept, vision and logic.  I felt (and still feel) I needed to fully understand why my plan is both relevant and required whilst taking a pragmatic view as to why it might fail.

Over time I began to write down my thoughts with regards to the foundations of the plan specifically whats going on in the macro environment and therefore how might those changes create opportunity.  What I came up with is not rocket science, in fact, other businesses had realised what I came up with a long time ago (i only figured that out afterwards).  None the less, having a deep understanding of macro conditions allowed me to form a plan.  I thought I’d share the hypothesis on which the plan is based, I am of course open for help, discussion and criticism.  Here it is, an economic hypothesis.  It’s based on traditional economic theory and specifically, I used to economics of land as a basis.



Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8

I did say it wasn’t rocket science:)

I do have a slide regards solutions and opportunities which i have excluded, readers can draw their owns conclusions.

We shall see further change of course as technology advances, as the players in the game I describe above change strategy and finally, as people change behaviour.

Its clear (again) one needs to create a desirable product.  Sounds obvious.  Not easy to do.

I suspect the above will be out of date within 6 months and will no longer reflect the market conditions.  I’ve discovered a business plan is a permanent work in progress.  The vision may stay the same but the route to achieving the vision may change.  Business plans also change as a result of the commercial reality, its all very well having a dream but how is one to pay for it?  what fun and games I have coming in the months and years ahead!


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