Tick Tock

Today i visited my old college, Winstanley, in the tiny village of Billinge.  I was giving a talk to students regards life after college, how I have applied what I’d learnt and also just life experience (getting a job, living in London, travelling, getting fired, gutting sued, selling a business and more).

I first attended the college 21 years ago and barely got the grades to get through the door in the first place.  I found myself in front of many 16 – 18 years olds.  They weren’t even born by the time I had left and headed off for further eduction.  It reminded me that the clock is ticking.  Every second that goes by cannot be brought back.  My old CEO used to tell me money comes and goes, time only goes.  He’s right of course.

The prospect of death is a good motivator for me. I have much I would like to achieve.  The tick tock tick tock only reminds me not to stop nor to waste time. I do have the odd lapse though. In fact I enjoy a lapse occasionally.

Having said that, I have an underlying sense of urgency. Many businesses use the same mantra of Speed Wins and I must agree, the trick is not to compromise execution in the pursuit of speed. I think speed comes when everyone on the mission has a sense of purpose and every business should have a simple mission.


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