A Scandinavian Spectre


Bond is coming back.  Good.  I love Bond.  I am already looking forward to Spectre (Special Executive for Counter intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) making a return and bond taking them on. Nasty piece of work Spectre.

Anyway, 10ish months and counting until Spectre (and maybe Blofeld?) hit our screens.

Bond is world famous for his daring adventures which take him all over the world.  That got me thinking, where has bond been most?  where are the baddies? where hasn’t bond been?  I started digging (despite trying to build a business I try to have some down time, this is my down time.  Yes, maybe it could be better spent!).

So, some facts:

1.  Its the US Bond has visited most, 10 times between Dr. No and Skyfall (not Monaco as I first thought)

2.  Not far behind is Italy, 9 times Bond has been on the Italian shores (3 times in Venice)

3.  Bond has only been to Brazil and India once.

4.  Bond doesn’t seem to like to go too far east from his London home, never having been to Australia or New Zealand.

5.  Generally bond seems to like the sun.  Much time in the Caribbean, Mexico, Asia.

6.  Bond is missing out, he’s never been to Scandinavia.


I can’t recommend Copenhagen or Stockholm highly enough.  Both or gorgeous cities, friendly, clean and nice people, I say nice, walking down the street is like walking down a catwalk, its disgusting….:)  Of course, everybody speaks perfect English, I found myself embarrassed that not only I couldn’t speak a word of Danish / Swedish but the locals spoke better English than me,

Either city is easily walkable or hop on a bike.  Both are on the water which always makes for a great back drop.  The food is good.  For anyone into Scandinavian design then you’d be in heaven.

There is course one cloud, the price of alcohol.  Not that one needs alcohol for a good time but I’d hope many of us would agree a nice drink once in a while is very enjoyable.  It is in Denmark and Sweden too but leave a bitter aftertaste when you’ve paid £10 for a pint of beer (spirits and wine are no exception).  Don’t let that put you off though, it’s a minor annoyance but not a show stopper at all.

Flights are cheap.  Easyjet have flights to Copenhagen over new years eve (30th – 2nd) for around £200. Not bad.

I would love to visit again.  I haven’t visited Finland or Norway yet.  Need to save up.

Final note:  I have not included where the baddies where, couldn’t find out for all of them, sorry.  Maybe I’ll cover that in another post.


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