The London Ecosystem (and Public Enemy)

I spend a lot of time in London these days (my last employers have offices out in Surrey so for almost 8 years I commuted out there).

It’s interesting spending time in London when not in ‘normal’ employment.  I find myself in the company of those like me, all seeking opportunity, following their instinct and dreams.  Yes, it sounds cliched but it is also true.  It turns out there are a lot of places for anyone starting out to go.

I am a member of Tech Hub at Google Campus.  In itself that is a fascinating place, full of people starting all sorts of business (from shopping apps to a funeral cost comparing service).  However, I also have a couple of other spots I visit on the strand and on the south bank.  Membership is cheap (one in particular offers £50 per year!).  This allows me some variety and puts me in contact with many people.

There is definitely an ecosystem I am slowly becoming part of in London with so many people starting businesses.  I had no idea.  Of course, I read the press and I understand now is not a bad time to have a crack but still. I didn’t realise the scale of whats going on.  This does present some interesting observations i.e.:  everyone wants the best space, it’s an investors market (only the best ideas will get cash), everyone is competing for money / investment / time of those in a lucky position to invest.  It also presents opportunity to swap ideas, collaborate and maybe be part of whats going on for once rather than, in my case, be on the sidelines.

As for my business, it remains in build.  More news soon.  I don’t want to rush, everything is in the product and execution.  I am concerned various people think I’m going to roll the finished product out which is of course, ridiculous.  The first version will be just that, a first version and no where near the finished product.  It’s funny trying to manage expectations when I know there is a long road to travel.  Onwards.

PS:  Worth listening to Public Enemies ‘It Takes  Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back’.  Sounds awesome, like it was made yesterday.


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