Business Lesson Number 2: Its all about the people

All about the people
All about the people

I should note, these are business lessons for me, I certainly don’t mean these posts to come off as preaching.  I have loads to learn and am by no means any expert.  Really, this is just a journal of my thoughts and the lessons I am learning.

This is not a particularly new statement but without people, there is no business.  It might be just one person, it might be one hundred thousand but either way, people are needed.  Not only are people needed within the business, but partners to, people outside of the business.  That might be your bank, a supplier, a design agency, PR person, etc… its a long list.

So, if we agree people are key then it stands to reason relationships are paramount.  Some might say that money gets around relationships i.e.:  pay a lot and you don’t need to worry too much about good relationships.  I couldn’t disagree more.

One of the highest costs a business will have is salaries.  Furthermore its a false economy to believe that you can throw people who don’t along together and expect great results.  People have to get along, I don’t mean be friends but they must be professional and civil.  However, I think it helps if friendships can form.  Some people will say I am niece for that statement, I couldn’t care less.

If one is spending 8+ hours per day away from friends and family then why not work in a great place with great people ?  Surely a place of work should be a pleasure?  Not everyone is so lucky and sometimes, for everyone, work feels like a chore.  Still, makes sense to work with people you like rather than fighting battles every day.  Also, if one creates a great team then others will want to join, you won’t ned to pay above market rates to attract talent.

Second;y, and just as important, I think it’s absolutely vital to maintain good relationships with those outside of your business.  Some managers hate this principal because one can’t measure the impact of a relationship on a spreadsheet, Its an intangible.  However, I firmly believe in building external relationships for a number of reasons, here are some:

1.  In the future, you might need help from these people.

2.  If there is ever a problem then having a good relationships greases the wheels and one can get a elution in place quickly

3.  One day you might end up working with these people more closely, even in the same business.

4.  One day you might end up working for these people.

5.  It helps to get a professional reputation, people talk.

Hi, It's Barry!
Hi, It’s Barry!

So, in summary, if you get the right people in your business and you manage to have great relationships externally you put your business on to a good path.  Sometimes things go wrong, Plan A doesn’t work and change is required.  These things can be difficult but life is made easier if you can pick up the phone and have a chat rather than nervously wondering what to do.

I’ve heard many industry icons talk about the importance of people.  I understand what they mean, more so than ever now I am out of being employed by a large business.

On that note I wish you a very merry christmas and thanks to everyone who has read, shared or commented on this blog, it means a lot to me!  (do tell me where i can improve too please!)



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