Reflection, Ambition and Layla


It’s a funny time over Christmas and New Year.  I find myself looking back to the 1st January (in this case of 2014) and reviewing the year with regards to my life.  A year is a long time.  I started the year with a great job in a great company.  I end the year without a job nor company for now.  What will be for 2015?

I don’t believe in new year resolutions, why wait?  I do however like to set some type of goals rather than life changes.  I have a few for 2015 which I’ll disclose along the way.

During 2014 I left my employment in pursuit of starting something, I have news on that but I’ll wait until 2015.  I became a member of the RSA and Google Campus, met loads of people, contributed to London and Partners traveltechhub project and started a blog:)  So, really, not much happened in 2014 (I am not being sarcastic, I mean it), I am determined 2015 will be busier!!  The candle will burn!!

Moving on….

I visited my sister over the past couple of days.  She lives in Yorkshire, usually a 3 to 4 hour drive each way from my place.  This year, that drive was 8 to 9 hours each way.  So, in less than 48 hours I drove 18 hours or so to see my sister for 2 hours.  I should have made better plans.

Still, driving on the motorway (‘highway’ to my American reader) my wife played Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla‘ on the stereo.  No matter what ones musical persuasion I’d like to think we’d agree this song is a classic.  The first half with Clapton screaming his love for George Harrison’s wife in a full blues / rock rage before the second half, the beautiful instrumental piano bit.  As this came on the sleet and rain were driving down on my car, the sky was black and my headlights beaming as we stood still with hundreds of other cars, all of us stuck on our travels to loved ones I imagine.  I thought in that dreary scene, even then there is something romantic about our predicament with the piano backing track.


The piano section of Layla reminds me of Goodfella’s, Martin Scorsese’s epic gangster movie in which the song is widely used.  The film, for me, follows Henry Hill’s rise and fall in the pursuit of success and ambition.  Henry knows he could fail, knows he probably will fail at some point in fact, spending time inside is a right of passage, a ‘must do’ before you make it into the family.  It’s a great film.

The pursuit of success, the notion of failure and the fire of ambition are familiar with me now.  They’re familiar as a result of 2014 more so than ever.  It’s all experience which I think means its all good.  Of course, I have no intention of spending time inside!

Thanks to everyone for reading this blog over the past few months.  Happy new year!


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