One For All and All For One.

The events of this week really put life into perspective.

I found myself writing a blog update about start ups, business etc..when in France innocent people find themselves brutally killed by extremists fuelling a mass demonstration of more than one million people on the streets of Paris in a show of unity to protect our values, primarily, liberty and freedom.  There are few, if any, larger causes.

My blog, full of observations and commentary, seems so insignificant.

For my entire life I have taken liberty and freedom of speech as granted.  Now I do not.  I never thought I’d say that in my lifetime.  I never thought I’d even have the faintest experience which exposed the fact our freedom could be threatened.  I was complacent.  Freedom can be threatened.  I realise those of us who hold freedom as our primary value will fight for it.  I realise freedom has to be protected and there are those in the world who wish to remove freedom and impose regimes.  Many people have died to protect the freedom we enjoy.  I really can offer no words or actions which sufficiently convey my gratitude.

As I write I am watching BBC news.  I can see the streets of Paris full of people, all coming together in a show of unity.  Its heart warming.  Even here in south London I feel some sense of solidarity.

This week, I think I’ll miss the business updates and carry on as normal next week.

I am thinking of recording come interviews with people who have started businesses, thinking of starting or are managing.  A good idea!?  we shall see!

Je Suis Charlie.


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