Data Balancing

Its been a while since my last blog post, I thought it about time to update.  On a flight today an article on the new edition of Wired (UK edition I should add) caught my eye.  Maelle Gavet (CEO of OZON Group) writes essentially about trust, I am paraphrasing but one can summarise the points Gavet makes by answering this question:

Can we trust companies with our data?

No.  Well, thats my opinion but Gavet argues that the giants needs regulating.  That is to say those global businesses which scoop update data every day (Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba the list goes on and on.

Whilst the founders / long term employees may hold true values regards customer protection some of the employees will not hold those values or certainly not as fundamentally as those at the top.  The larger the business the more employees have access to the data.  The larger the business the more decision making is (and should be) pushed down.  Yet therein lies the danger, values can be diluted.  This is unintentional but it happens.

So in regards to handling data it should come as no surprise to anyone that at some point your data may be used for purposes it was not intended.  With that in mind one has to make the decision are they comfortable with that?  I am not but maybe this is “the price tag of progress” as Gavet points out.


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