Across Boarders

I am writing this on my iPad in Oslo airport. Thankfully I have free wifi for two hours. I have been in Tromso in the arctic circle for the past few days, unfortunately there was a storm raging during my time there so many usual activities had been cancelled. I found myself staying at my hotel last night after a beer at the local pub (£10 a pint I might add, hence one shall do).

I subscribe to Netflix, I thought I’d watch a film as the storm passes. I might sound like a pretentious knob now, but I wanted to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a Japanese film. Netflix have it. I begin to watch. It’s in Japanese with Norwegian subtitles. I try to change the subtitles but I am offered only. Scandinavian languages. F***!.

Now, Netflix know I am British via my subscription. Why aren’t they using that information? It’s BASIC personalisation. I hear all about AI and predictive technology on an almost daily basis but one of the most innovative companies can’t get the basics right. GET THE BASICS RIGHT.

Secondly, I arrive at Oslo airport. To get to the city I have a number of choices, express train , taxi outside, uber, book via an agent.

So the train is NOK360 return (about £32). A taxi booked here is NOK800 (£72) each way. I checked a well known travel agent, best price £414.. What??!!?? How can they get it so wrong? BASIC!!

Uber are cheaper but I am still getting the train as it’s the cheapest.

So annoying when trusted businesses don’t get basics right. Simple is best.

Jiro awaits my viewing.


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