The Audience


I read today about Deliciously Ella, a food and beauty blog featured in the Evening Standard.  It caught my attention not because of its 23 year old creator and author but because it has a monthly readership of 2.5 million people.  30 million a year.  That is seriously impressive.  My industry is the travel industry and this traffic is greater than a number of websites I know.


Rob Chapman is also impressive.  I have mention Mr Chapman in previous posts.  He is a video blogger (vlogger) featuring on You Tube.  His videos regularly attract +30k views whilst he also has over 270k subscribers.  What is he videoing about I hear you ask……guitars.  Thats it.  Well, and guitar equipment but none the less, it’s niche.  However, what was once niche, pre internet days, is no longer niche in the traditional definition.

So how does one get to such readership or viewership? literally, I have no insight here, only ideas.  Here are my ideas:

1.  It’s all about content and delivery.  One thing in common between Ella and Rob is that they focus on their markets and stick to their strengths.  They are both very personable in the way they deliver the content.  The natural approach goes a long way, no corporation could ever mimic it, such action would be spotted by customers.

2.  Good design:  Of both the videos and the websites.  Good design facilitates the brand me thinks.

3.  Relevancy:  The videos stick to and do not deviate from the blogs/vlogs core focus.  There is no waffle, no distractions.

4.  Pictures:  Its all about the visual.

5.  Regular:  Both update regularly with original content.

6.  Investment:  Mainly of time.  The blog/blog software itself is free (like this blog via wordpress although I admit it needs work!)

These seem to be the core commonalities across both and I would push the boat out and suggest many more.  It seems obvious but when one thinks about it, it’s just common sense.  Can business learn anything?

I am unsure.  Business cannot copy the bloggers and vloggers absolutely because the propositions are different.  The blogs/vlogs are more for leisure first and not commerce.  Retail sites are mainly for commerce first so the proposition is very different from the outset which means one must take a different approach.

Having said that, sticking to what you’re good at and knowing your audience seem like good ideas:)


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