The Oxygen Of Publicity

Niimagesgel Farage admitted this week to Evan Davis that he says things to attract publicity.  To be more specific, he says things that will grab headlines and publicity which he then uses to remote policy for UKIP.  Almost by default this means controversial statements are made.

In the same week Katie Hopkins has pretty much done the same.  In her column in The Sun newspaper she made some outrageous comments regards the migrants attempting to land in Europe.  Again, this gave her headlines.

So, are they both playing the pantomime villain?  are they saying these things knowing will generate publicity across various media outlets, knowing it will enhance their ‘brand’ perpetuating the idea that they’re ‘bad’ people?

Is it true that any publicity is good publicity?  is it true there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about to quote Mr O Wilde?

I’m not so sure.  Surely it stands to reason that one should be known for good things / policies / actions and not simply for controversial points of view and headline grabbing tag lines?

Yet, as a marketeer might say, they get Cut Through.  Well, maybe not in Hopkins case as I don’t think she has any point to prove rather than just be a voice of controversy and earn some cash from it.  Farage though, has a far larger agenda.  No doubt, he attracts peoples attention but does that translate to people really understanding UKPI’s policies?  probably not yet is the rhetoric from Farage misleading from the policy substance?  probably not either (I don’t confess to know as I haven’t and won’t read the UKIP manifesto).

However, upon grabbing attention with one statement he then gets more airtime, this allows him to explain/misdirect/move the narrative along to a subject he wants to talk about.  So, in this case, the initial publicity has allowed for further headlines and publicity.,Clever.

So, for any business there is a lesson here.  Cut Through is everything.  Simple catchy headlines work in grabbing attention, although the underlying product should be A Grade if people are going to talk about it.  Having people talk about your business in a positive light is golden.  The idea of Cut Through has been in my life for some time at various businesses, I still don’t have a simple answer on how to achieve this.


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