Marketing Above & Below The Line (Mini Series Part IV)

This is the final part of the mini series and last but not least I want to look at marketing above and below the line and how they interact.  So, for clarity, below the line is digital, above the line is anything but digital.

The problem of course is, anything none digital has the difficulty of measurement of success.  I know loads of marketeers will tell me there re measures but the point is they;re not as clear as digital tracking.  There are many more assumptions and there is less certainty.

So why do it?

Lods of reasons but I think the main two are a) you don’t want to rely on one form of marketing  and b) I am not sure digital marketing builds brands, its just not interactive nor personal enough (yet).  Above the line marketing can build brands.  But can’t be measured:)

So, one method is much more measurable than the other so what to do?

In my experience one must have a ‘war chest’ for the off line, an amount to spend and not to worry to much about the immediate return.  Of course, one must have a plan!  overall of course you’re looking for awareness increases and brand delivery but these campaigns must tie in with what you’re doing on line and on site.

For example, there is little point spending on an off line campaign based around low prices when in fact our prices are not the lowest in the market.  You’re just lying to the customer and not delivering on your promise.  Whats the point?  SO, all marketing needs tying up – thats marketing chapter one surely!

So what ties the off line and on line together?

Numerous things not least the name of your business but maybe more so the Logo and Colour.  More important though is the promise.  easyJets new ad plays on its longevity (only 20 years) and making the most of life before it passes you buy:

easyJet – How 20 Years Have Flown – 2015 TV ad

My better half had tears ad this ad.  Thats a good sign.  She shall remember the ad!

The ad is reflected on the website.  We all know the famous orange, the logo and the font.

So, consistency matters.  We’ve seen that Orange for years now as well as the font.  For me it’s instantly recognisable.  Here is Coca Cola’s logo evolution:

As you can see, it’s an evolution.  It hasn’t really changed for years and years. This means ad’s can be rolled out time and again, the design doesn’t need to be worked on for on and off line and thus efficiencies are gained.  It’s clear if one can be sure over design and logo then maybe each £ spent goes further.

If one manages consistency between on line and off line then maybe one must take a leap of faith and believe that off line is helping to drive awareness and brand reach.  However, a word of warning, a flash in the pan regards off line advertising probably won’t work.  I know form experience!  a campaign must have some longevity or at least some level of frequency.  The reason is advertising only works at its best when familiarity begins to occur and the brand starts to live i.e.: customers remember you.  Sometimes one is remembered for being extraordinary but this is rare, most businesses are not able to be extraordinary in todays world even those high profile silicon valley companies invest in consistent advertising.  Its costs!  but you have to believe that £’s spent now will come back in future, you’re investing in life time values.

So in conclusion the main thrust here is consistency.  But maybe that rule is made to be broken.

I realise this blog is a little rambling and all over the place, for that I apologise!  Back to normal next week:)


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