Last year I discovered The Do Lectures.  I am late into the game here as the organisation / movement / idea was born in 2008 and its now spreading across the globe.  It’s really about getting those who instigate change together to inspire and share ideas between one another.  These type of movements already exist of course but whats different (and great) about this one is that it is a cross between a festival and a conference.

So, once a year in Wales a number of people gather in a field where they’ll most likely camp (or go to a B&B) and attend talks, meet like minded people and hopefully get inspired.  I suspect meeting others on different missions to yours but facing the same struggles is a great thing.  The thing is, you ca’t just turn up, you have to apply for a ticket, a bit like Glastonbury but on a smaller scale.

You can see various talks on the Do Lectures website, they’ll well worth a watch and I recommend them.
Born from this movement are various other venture and specifically the Do Book.  Last year I purchased DO Purpose by David Hieatt the co-founder of Do.  The book has really resonated with me.

I’ve never believed people are really motivated by money.  Thats a big statement and I do realise many people absolutely need money and in some cases financial help.  People working for a firm though, is it really money that is satisfying?  Maybe in the short term yes because as we all know, we have to satisfy our most basic needs first according to Maslow.

But what next?  well, I always thought it was purpose.  A mission.  Being part of something.  Being part of change.  I also thought that building a team who are all focused on a central mission will achieve far greater productivity than a team who just work for money.  I offer no proof of this idea but I bet I can find some if I really tried!

I also think that when one is part of a change/movement/mission then satisfaction increases as well as productivity.   I think satisfaction is a material driver in day to day happiness.

So why is it so many firms don’t have a mission?  would one be better off at a business etc that does have a mission which you believe in?  I don’t know the answer to this but i have some ideas such as:  the business is moving too fast to think about it, it offers no value, there is no impact on productivity, etc…

Of course the only way to ensure you’re on the right mission is to chose your own and chase it.

The problem with the last statement is that a monthly salary is very, very addictive and thus very, very difficult to let go to chase a mission and chose satisfaction over salary.  The Do Purpose book is a dangerous book because it inspires (me anyway,) to chase a mission and forget the money.

Brave words.  I’ve been in a start up with no salary (I quit after 6 months for various reasons) and it is tough.  For now I am in a business with a mission and thats where my future lies.  But the fire still burns, even in the back ground, to find my own mission.

Surely there is little point being miserable in ones job.  In this case, change must happen and it cannot wait.


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