So here we are, another years end.  I realise I haven’t posted for a while but thats because I’ve been busy, busier than usual.  I find myself with a spare hour or two so here I am.

I started this year jobless.  During 2014 I was trying to get start up off the found and almost exactly one year ago I decided to walk away from that project.  In January 2015 I found myself without employment.  It was quite frightening.  As I gathered my thoughts and wondered what todo next i decided to take advantage of the time I had and visited the Arctic.

Maybe not the wisest choice, it was bleak, dark and very, very cold but fascinating none the less.  It was there I decided to go back to full time employment and joined a young company in March where I remain to this day.  Back in the travel sector of course.

The travel sector has had a lot going on this year.  We’ve had numerous tragedies, too many to mention in various parts of the globe.  Innocent people killed for no valid reason.  The affects are far and wide and I am sure everyone reading this shares my sympathy for anyone affected.

The affect on the Tunisian economy is already devastating.  I fear more will follow.  Various carriers are ceasing flying to  Sharm el-Sheikh until at least the end of Jan, maybe some to the end of Feb 2016.  One wonders about the affect on the Turkish economy of Russian travel sanctions, will more countries follow suit for one reason or another?

The consequences of course mean Spain and Western Europe will see higher demand than usual.  You know what higher demand means….and lets remember Google adwords is an auction.

In other areas we’ve seen Priceline and Expedia at it again, Expedia recently forking out billions on HomeAway.  Seems like a bold bet, hope it pays off for them.

OnTheBeach decided to go for IPO, the results so far are good, valuation is up since day one.  Various businesses are also for sale, not sure if I can mention them all here but its public knowledge that Tui look to be off loading Hotelbeds, the B2B arm.  Usually suspects in the running, will be interesting to see who gets there first.

I am ever more fascinated thought by the long tail and the fringe travel businesses.  More on these next time.

Happy new year all.


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